Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est

Damascus Gate

Virtue Theory

A summary of 3 class readings & discussions on the short stories of Andre Dubus, in light of Aristotleís & Aquinasí understanding of virtue.

Classroom Teaching

Following are examples of classroom discussions Iíve led, extra-curricular projects Iíve created & self-study lessons Iíve designed. My teaching style is interactive & my approach is interdisciplinary.

Flannery OíConnorís Christianity

A summary of class discussions in a course on the theology underlying Flannery OíConnorís short stories & novels.

Extract from an Advent Retreat

A selection of services & activities designed for use with college students during the Advent Season.

Daily Life in Israel/Palestine

A presentation on daily life in modern Israel/Palestine, through the use of artifacts, photos & statistics.

Outlook Fundamentals

A self-study course designed for use by non-profit organizations in Uganda, that presents the mail, time & project management functions of Outlook.

WORD Advanced Features

The second half of the Microsoft WORD self-study course created for use in Uganda.

Peacock feather

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Byzantine mosaic, Church of the Multiplication of Loaves & Fishes

Palestinian Mosaic Loaves & Fishes, Tabgha

Access Fundamentals

A self-study course presenting the concepts of database design & use, through the lens of Microsoft Access; designed for organizations in Uganda.

WORD Fundamentals

A self-study course designed for use in Uganda, that presents the basic functions of Microsoft WORD.