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Damascus Gate

Thailand & Cambodia Gallery

These photos were taken in the vicinity of Bangkok & Siem Reap.

Siem Reap

View of Siem Reap, Cambodia


Ankhor Thom

Girls playing† in a temple window

Elephant Ride

Elephants carry pilgrims up to Bayon Temple

Boy on Boat

Tonle Sap Lake view


Young boys navigate†† canoes on the lake

Boat Children

Children living on houseboats in Tonle Sap

Boy in Coracle

Boat Family

Fishing families live on houseboats in Tonle Sap

Bangkok Market

Markets in Bangkok support local farmers

Shrimp Vendor

Wat Pho

Volunteer Project

Date: October 2005

Girls playing inside temple window, Ankhor ThomElephant carrying tourists to Bayon TempleBoy sleeping on boat in Tonle Sap lakeYoung boys navigating tour boat on Tonle SapChildren living on houseboat in Tonle SapFamily of fishers in Tonle SapShrimp vendor in Bangkok

A fisherman sells his catch of river shrimp

Child in coracle on Tonle Sap

Children fish from coracles in Tonle Sap

Stupa from the Killing Fields in Siem Reap

Stupa at† Siem Reapís Killing Fields

Bangkok market scenePilgrims at Wat Pho

Pilgrims decorate Buddha with gold leaf

Peacock feather

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Siem Reap view from temple