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Damascus Gate

The Damascus Gate, entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem


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Peacock featherDamascus GateEthiopian Easter Vigil

The Ethiopian Easter Vigil, April 2007

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock

Women at the Wailing Wall

Women praying at the Wailing Wall

Schoolboys Old City

Schoolboys in the Old City

The Damascus Gate is one of many entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem, in Israel/Palestine. In Arabic the gate is called Bab alíAmoud, or Pole Gate. Itís the gate most often used by modern pilgrims to Jerusalem. This particular entrance leads into the open air market, or souq, of the Muslim Quarter. As you walk the streets of the Old City, you move through the Christian, Armenian & Jewish Quarters, as well.

The cardo, an ancient Roman road built to connect the city gates, leads to the holy sites of Judaism, Islam & Christianity: the Temple Mount & the Wailing Wall; the Dome of the Rock & the Al Aqsa Mosque; the Via Dolorosa, which culminates in a church with an empty tomb & 2 names. In the western tradition, itís called the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; in the eastern tradition, the Church of the Resurrection.

Iím meg & I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Like a tour guide, I invite you to follow me through this website where weíll encounter not only holy sites, but also the people who inhabit those lands, some holy & others quite ordinary. Many of the images are of children; this is intentional, as the children of the world are our future. As a fellow pilgrim, I cannot tell you about your own future, but I can share with you our common past.

Who am I? Iíve studied English Literature (at Wittenberg University & Fordham University), Creative Writing (at the University of San Francisco) & Theology (at the Graduate Theological Union). Iíve also studied in England, lived in Palestine, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, Uganda & Guinea & traveled in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Thailand, Cambodia & Mauritania. I sing & paint in watercolor. I have one daughter, whoís grown & on a pilgrimage of her own.


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